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Job Interview - Entrevista em Inglês

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This box aims to guide you on how to achieve your dream job through an outstanding performance in the interview. The way you communicate your competences, experience and goals highly impacts the recruiter’s final decision. By using the language properly, whether it be written or spoken, you can impress positively, be assertive about why you are the ideal and most qualified candidate for that position. You already know this, just need to persuade the interviewer.

Besides the fact that we are being through the most competitive times ever, doing business with foreign clients and companies is no longer a choice, but a demand for the ones who wish to succeed. Thus, it has become vital to master the art of amazing the interviewers in English. Not developing this ability means to be left behind in the job market, earn lower wages and stay stuck in your career.

In order to broaden your horizons and get the most out of your career, dive right in this reading. Apply all the tips, practice in front of the mirror as much as you want, study, read, seek for improvement, rewrite your Resume. A limitless career is waiting for you.


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