Business English Course (Sample)

  • Have a nice learning process
    • Welcome to the course
  • UNIT I
  • First impression in Business
    • First Impressions
    • Listening Comprehension
    • Article-based class
    • Video-based class
    • #challenge - Write about your experiences with spelling mistakes
  • Simple Past and Present Perfect
    • The Simple Past tense
    • Grammar: Simple Past
    • Listening skills: Music time (Simple Past tense)
    • Practice - Simple Past
    • Grammar: Present Perfect Tense
    • Listening skills: Songs in the Present Perfect tense
    • Practice - Present Perfect
    • Present Perfect in the movies and TV series
    • Infographic: Differences between Simple Past X Present Perfect
    • Practice - Simple Past X Present Perfect
  • Business Vocabulary
    • Product Management
    • Listening comprehension
    • Business Vocabulary Practice
    • E-book - 15 idiomatic expressions you can use at work
    • Practice - Idiomatic expressions
    • Video lesson - Rules of prepositions
    • Practice - Exercises with prepositions
  • Getting in an interview or meeting
    • Podcast - How to prepare yourself for outstanding interviews
    • Practice - Podcast
    • Interview - Lisa Dempsey: Global HR Manager at TNT Express
    • Listening Comprehension - Lisa Dempsey
    • Interview - Gijs van Delft: Manager Director at PageGroup
    • Listening comprehension - Gijs van Delft
  • UNIT V
  • Travelling around
    • Rotterdam - Wing Poon introduces you to Central Station Rotterdam
    • Rotterdam - Buildings and means of transportation
    • Rotterdam - Wing Poon reveals the Rotterdam's Market Hall
    • Rotterdam - What is a Cube House?
    • Listening comprehension
  • Our mistakes
    • Everybody makes mistakes
  • Thanks from Fala Company
    • Thanks for learning with us. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in our next unit

Descrição do curso

Welcome to our Business English Course (Sample Edition).

Fala Company developed this course aiming to help you learn English in more interactive and dynamic ways. 

This box contains video lessons, texts, podcasts, and many exercises that will help you speed up your English anywhere and anytime you want.  

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

We hope you enjoy our course.

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